At Hayes Modular, we’ve earned our position as the industry leader by delivering high-quality modular construction projects for various markets — all within budget and on time, every time. Developers depend on us for new construction as well as expansion and remodeling projects.


Military contracting procedures are rigorous, and the space requirements can be daunting. That’s why the U.S. military calls on Hayes Modular to execute multiple contracts for constructing barracks and office space across the country. Our construction management expertise, field execution skills and bonding ability have made us the clear leader in large-scale modular military projects.

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America’s schools, colleges and universities have to accommodate unpredictable population increases within limited budgets. Hayes Modular makes it possible. We leverage our commercial construction experience to meet space needs with exceptional speed and efficiency. Our buildings are ready for occupancy in half the time required for traditional construction and with significant cost savings.

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Hospitals, doctor offices and senior housing facilities have to facilitate critical care yet provide comfort for patients and residents. Hayes Modular understands these needs and how to strike the right balance with attention to detail in design, engineering and installation. We collaborate with developers and contractors to meet project requirements every step of the way.

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Both quality and efficiency are top priorities when building or expanding apartment complexes, townhomes or other multi-family residential structures. Hayes Modular knows what it takes to achieve these goals, leveraging the expertise we’ve gained by delivering durable, cost-efficient modular homes for customers across the United States.

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Commercial property owners face unique scheduling and budgetary challenges when building or expanding their facilities. That’s why they work with Hayes Modular to ensure timely, cost-effective project completion. Our designers work closely with clients to optimize workplace functionality, efficiency and accessibility — all with aesthetic appeal and minimal waste.

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Farmworkers, oilfield workers and disaster relief teams need all the comforts of home in remote locations across the United States — sometimes at a moment’s notice. Hayes Modular delivers. We design single- and multi-level complexes that are highly functional, attractive and built to withstand all weather conditions. We configure each unit with privacy areas, ample closets and storage space, and more, meeting project requirements at high speed and low cost.

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